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Frame 36 - 26/08/18

August 26th, 2018

Another busy two weeks has been and gone, soaked up largely by delivering workshops and documenting workshop activity taking place. As a result documentary photography has been on my mind of late. I’m busy planning approaches to take during my new project whilst documenting the communities/groups I’m interested in. Speaking of which I’ve made contact with a local football club and made test shots. I’m just in the throws of organising days to go and shoot…thankfully gaps in my diary are starting to appear. 

Also I’ve made contact with a local artist (after working on a contract together) who will hopefully act as a mentor as I move forward. This is hugely exciting as I had told myself to network more this year as I begin to build up to a masters application for the 2019/2020 academic year. I’m interested to see how we may benefit each other’s practice going forward and I’m also looking forward to being pushed a little more!

So to projects, as I mentioned earlier documentary styles have dominated my interest over the last two weeks and the following articles have provided some good visual research material. I’m building a catalogue of approaches and hoping to incorporate these types of styles in my own work until the series begins to find its own voice.

‘Documentary photography stars in the Distinctly show’ found at BJP Online.

'One Season at the Emirates’ found on the Guardian website.

'Bill Stephenson’s photographs of Hyde Park, Sheffield’ featured on Huck.

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