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Frame 36 - 02/12/18

December 2nd, 2018

In my last entry I mentioned moving on to new projects. So whilst I continue to share my ‘Peninsula’ series on my website and also using Instagram for regular updates I’ve been researching and creating ideas for my new work. I’ve slightly moved away from digital processes lately, mainly due to my commercial work relying heavily on digital practice, however I say slightly as there is at present still the use of scanners and editing software to tidy up images and create the final result. I’m currently using the cyanotype process to create abstract visuals that investigate the notion of the universal landscape, our connectedness to the world around us and contemplating our place in the universe. Whilst beginning to delve into books about psychology and spiritual practice I’ve also been gathering and seeking out visual inspiration to inform the project. The following posts link to projects and articles I’ve found interesting over the last fortnight:

Anna Atkins via The New York Times

A couple of projects more abstract in approach:

Kate Pollard Hoffman via Lenscratch

Jill Booker via Lensculture

Barbara Bosworth via Lenscratch

Finally an advertorial piece on the British Journal of Photography website which details newspaper print as a means of sharing work offline in a relatively affordable way. 

Given my discoveries of the costs involved creating the print on demand book for my last project this could be a future avenue worth bearing in mind.

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