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Frame 36 - 3/5/20

May 3rd, 2020

It’s been a remarkably long time since I last posted anything relating to research and project ideas…posted anything at all really! Given the current worldwide situation, specifically my current situation in lockdown in the UK I’m finding I have more time to reflect, read and type. Obviously, my commissions for photographic work have dropped off as we all stick to government guidelines and a lot of us stay at home and away from workplaces. However as I said this has afforded me some more time to be able to focus on other activities that have been neglected in favour of commissioned work over the last year or so.

I like thousands of freelance artists have applied to receive emergency funding from the Arts Council. I’d been working on and had submitted a large bid for a project grant before Covid-19 put a halt to all applications. This was to bolster work on my current work in progress project ‘Dependent Origination’ which i had hoped to widen out into workshops based in both school and community settings.

If I receive the emergency funding it’s the plan to continue that work with the Cyanotype process but formulate new ways of getting an audience to engage with the work. More updates on that will follow.

I have also been working on the development of a Podcast series. I’ve long considered the ways of creating audio to compliment more editorial style practice and I now feel confident that the Podcast format is the right route for me. I recently completed a short course with Future Learn that gave me some fantastic information and guidance on producing engaging audio content. Visually I’ll be aiming to create series that follow a similar visual style to this project by Alphabet.

I’ll be updating with more research and work in progress soon. I really want to make sure that I use this opportunity to continue to strive and progress.

Be well,

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