Dean Leivers Photographer Dean Leivers Photographer


Project Prep and the Start of Delivery

April 16th, 2021

Project plans are in place and following the recent relaxation of Covid lockdown restrictions I now have the go ahead to start work with one of the partner schools. Starting next week I’ll be onsite at Greenfield Primary School in Leicestershire working as both an artist in residence and workshop leader working with pupils across the school from Reception through to Year 6. I’m very excited for them to see “The Igloo” which I’ll be using as my base in the school grounds. I gave it a little bit of a road test (only just managing to fit the structure in my back garden!) and I’m very happy that it’ll be a brilliant place for me to create an artist’s studio. Whilst allowing me to create Cyanotype prints no matter what the weather, as it’s transparent the pupils will be able to see me working and literally have a window into my process and set up.

So expect plenty of updates from me over the next few weeks as I settle into school life, work on developing my own imagery and practice and collaborate with other artists to help me think a bit differently about my approach.

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